Customer Touchpoints That Will Optimize Your Customer Journey

Customer touchpoints are interactions between a business and its customers that occur during a buyer journey. You might be running a towing service business and set different interactions on how customers have to deal with your business.  These touch points represent important interactions that occur along a customer journey. Grouping them chronologically paints a complete picture of an average customer experience with your business. These moments significantly influence customer experience as well as brand perception. By outlining key touch points on map, businesses get the chance to capitalize on timely opportunities to optimize their customer journey. Customer touchpoints are normally recorded on a customer journey map and are put together on a chronological manner to demonstrate what a typical customer experience is like with a business.

Doing so helps marketing and customer service teams in identifying touchpoints that cause friction so they can remove them and enhance customer journey. Here are some notable examples of customer touchpoints you need to consider.

Social Media

Social media could be included in every section of this list. However, its best use is in customer acquisition. This is because social media is a cost-effective way if reaching to a larger portion of your target audience. You can use the same to promote products, build relationships with other clients and enhance the overall reputation of your brand.

Online Advertisement

Have you ever notices banner ads that are displayed at the top of a sidebar of a webpage? Those are touchpoints that take prospects back to a specific website. They represent important touchpoints that businesses can interact with.  Aside from ads, we also have digital marketing content. This refers to any material that your company published online with the aim of promoting a brand. These materials could be promotional videos, infographics or even engaging with blog posts.

Company events

If you are on a marketing or sales team, chances are that you might have attended different promotional events and conferences that were aimed at introducing new products or services to the market, or promoting a brand. All these events represent an excellent way to introduce your brand to customers who are not aware of the same. Take an example of INBOUND where companies from all over the world meet to discuss issues related to marketing, sales and customer service, as well as other business topics.

Peer Referrals

It is no secret that customers trust peers over other forms of advertising. 83 percent of customers say that their friends and family are the most trusted sources of referrals. This makes it quite imperative for businesses to place a huge focus on word-of-mouth marketing if they want to be seen as trustworthy. Even during purchase, there are other touch points as well. The most direct point of contact you have with your customers is your in-person interactions. All the conversations that take place in your stores have an immediate impact on the purchasing decisions that customers make. Always choose the touchpoints that work best for you.


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