Sure Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Every business is out there looking for new customers. If you cannot keep your customers, your marketing efforts will not mean much. Companies should take their time to build customer relations to build chances of referrals. More referrals mean you will spend less money on marketing and get better profit margins. To retain customers, you need to connect with them effectively. Here are some of the tips to help you connect with your customers more effectively to keep them.

Get to know them

Take your time and find out more about your customers on a personal level. Build your relationships with them. Tell them about yourself to encourage them to disclose their hobbies, interests, online habits, shopping patterns, or any other information you could need to improve their experience. Conduct market research or just send them a survey to fill. Listen to their feedback and read their reviews. Act on this information to improve their experience. Profile your typical customer demographics and use this knowledge to improve your product or services and also tailor your marketing content.

Keep them informed

Keeping your customers in the loop can help you create a special connection with them. Let them be the first to know about that upcoming promotion, a new product/service, or just the latest blog the moment you publish them. Have them sign up for a newsletter and introduce push notifications for their devices. Use tools like Hootsuite and MailChimp to update them on digital media. Keep them posted on anything that adds value to them.

Offer excellent customer service

Many customers fail to complete a transaction if they encounter poor service. Some will even abandon your business if they repeatedly face poor service. Social media has created a channel for customers to vent their frustrations on brands with poor service. If all that customers see online are complaints about the quality of your service, they will not want to do business with you. Respond to your customer’s queries promptly and act on their feedback.

Personalize your business

To build a connection with the customers, look less robotic. Interact and engage with them in a friendly manner. Encourage your staff to interact with the customers with warmth and treat the employees well so that they can wear genuine smiles. Give your business a warm, friendly, and fun persona and let it guide your brand’s engagement online and offline. Build a brand manifesto with values and purpose and genuinely engage in charitable activities aligning with these values.

Go offline

Today, it is very easy to get lost online even for businesses. Go out and meet potential customers offline too. Set up face-to-face meetings and attend networking events to create more meaningful connections and relationships.

Customer retention is critical for any business growth. There is no point in looking for customers if you keep losing them. Looking for ways to build better relations with them will see you increase sales as happy customers are likely to be your brand ambassadors and recommend you to potential customers.

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