Understanding Social Listening and Its Importance in Business

Any tow truck company knows that it is essential to build a solid reputation and a following on social media. It is important for brands to become a household name as this is what helps them attain a high level of brand awareness. However, in most cases, things are not always black and white. The last thing you want is to develop a reputation for all wrong reasons. Never want to develop a reputation for bad service, scandals and other things that negatively affect your image. Due to all the bad things that can happen to a business, it is important to continually track your brand’s social media channels and look for any red flags. This is where social listening comes in.


Social Listening

Social listening involves a two-part process, unlike social monitoring. With social monitoring, it just keeps a track of social media mentions and conversations. However, without performing analysis and actionable responses, your brand will not be able to sufficiently meet all the needs of your customers. Social listening finds causes behind social conversations and implements a long-term strategy change. By performing social listening, you create the kind of content that your followers want, and come up with ideas bases on industry trends. You work on improving customer experience by interacting directly with your customers and continuously shift your customer strategy to fit current needs.

Here are some of the most important reasons as to why you need to start social listening.

Customers like brand responses

Customers like it when brands respond. Customers will always want to feel heard on social media. Being responsive on social media clearly makes a huge difference. Customers will always want to make a purchase with a brand which is responsive to its customers as well as prospects on social media. They will always want you to respond, and it is all about social listening with the aim of thoughtfully crafting responses that provide real value. Those will be the kind of responses that elicit brand loyalty and increase to customer retention rates.


Keep track of brand growth

Sometimes, brands are faced with serious scandals. Things may happen and in a short instance, a lot of negativity surrounds a company. It can be easy to ignore a couple of bad comments on the internet. There is no better time than to use social listening. With social listening, you analyze incidences to see any negative comments that may have a bad impact on your business. After that, you can make determination on whether serious measures need to be taken in response, or whether it simply a passing cloud.


Discovering new opportunities

When customers start complaining over same issues, there is normally a big problem. It is a sign that you need to take note of customer grievances and act accordingly. Whenever there is a problem affecting your customers, there will always be an opportunity to learn, improve your business handlings and grow your company. Always look for opportunities to increase customer retention.



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